Getting engaged is SUPER exciting – and then SUPER overwhelming… And odds are good that you’re a first-timer! Where to begin?

Yes, take your time celebrating and enjoying your engagement, but before long the questions will start to roll in… What are your colors? Have you picked a date? Is your third cousin twice removed in your house party? How many carats is that ring (yes, they will ask that)?!? Here’s how to get started on the zillion decisions you have to make while wedding planning!

Get “Pinny” With It!

Photo credit: Eugene Grace Photography

Are you a blush and bashful gal? Barn with horses in the field? Country club? Pinterest is certainly the rabbit hole of wedding planning, but it is literally overflowing with every image you could ever need to share with vendors when they ask “What are you looking for?” Come on, don’t act like you haven’t been dreaming of this day for the last twenty-something years!

Pro tip: Make that board private, girl! Don’t let everyone see all your brilliant ideas before the big day!

Set A Budget

No one ever wants to talk numbers. Seriously. But save yourself the hassle – sit down with your families and decide what everyone will contribute. Here is a great tool from The Knot that outlines what line items are, traditionally, whose responsibility. There are online budget tools, but I have yet to find one that completely encompasses EVERYTHING you need to consider!

Pro tip: It’s true what they say, it’s just one night – so don’t put yourself into financial distress over it. But on the flip side, you only do this once – you want to do it right. There is a happy medium. Promise.

Start a Guest List

Keep in mind the venue’s limitations – it’s not wise to invite 500 guests to a venue that can only realistically accommodate 100! Is a massive blowout rager with everyone you’ve ever met what you imagine, or an intimate gathering with your nearest and dearest more your speed?

Pro tip: More guests = more money. You have to feed these people, and buy them drinks!

Call Your Insurance Agent

Yes, I am sure he is thrilled about your engagement. We all are. But get that bling insured ASAP! It is likely the most expensive piece of jewelry you own, and it needs to be protected! You’ll also need to make some policy adjustments once the ink has dried on the marriage license, so it’s a good time to start that conversation.

Pop the Question

Photo credit: Eugene Grace Photography

To your wedding party! There are so many fun ways to “propose” to your maid of honor these days! It’s almost as much fun as the real proposal!

Get Out the Calendar

By signing your venue contract, you will officially have your wedding date (Holla!). So start touring venues, make that choice, and ease your mind a little by getting on their calendar.

Photo credit: Eugene Grace Photography

Hire In-Demand Vendors

Photographers, entertainment and wedding planners are the three most vital to get on the hook. Skilled florists and caterers can manage multiple events, but often, if you want your pick of photographer, entertainment or wedding planners, those are three important calls to make. Figure out what your highest wedding priorities are, and get those whose work you love BOOKED.

Pro tip: Starting with the wedding planner, in our opinion, is WISE. We can help you budget and allot for all other vendors on your list! Start HERE to begin the conversation with Amanda Reed Weddings!