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Owner, Operating Director, Sneaker Head, Book Keeper, Accountant, Contract Writer, Ring Leader, Momager, Hype girl, Gucci Gang Member, and the list goes on and on.

A Central Arkansas native and Northwest Arkansas resident for the last two decades, Amanda Reed is known for her strong background in design and a love for creative organizing (just don’t ask about her closet, work bag, or desk…let’s just say, organized chaos) Amanda began in 2011 as an Event Planner, and within just a few months, a plan to start her own planning firm and Amanda Reed Weddings and Events, was born. She has both a degree in interior design and years of experience in the field, two elements that contribute to successfully executing a detail-oriented event. Amanda uses a creative approach to designing and planning any event, noting “The unexpected touches and surprises at every turn truly make the event memorable for everyone involved!”

Amanda and her family make their home in the crossroads of Northwest Arkansas – Springdale, where she “football moms” and “dance moms” with the best of them. In her spare time (ha), she enjoys anything 30A, a long list of kids’ activities and sporting events, shopping for anything and everything designer, lake days and cheering on the Razorbacks.

We feel so lucky to have such a fearless, down to earth, and innovative leader that loves and leads us all so well. “Reed” juggles so much and still manages to keep everyone’s head above water. Her personality is magnetic and everything she touches turns to gold (or “Amanda Reed Pink” for that matter) 🫶

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Our perfectly petite, logistically savvy, and at times, questionably calm amidst chaos Senior Event Planner + Designer (you can count on every single one of these features to be perfectly displayed on any given wedding day). This season marks Taylor’s 5th year with the ARW team and while we can’t believe it’s been that long, we can’t remember what we did without her.

Elle Woods is her role model, Audrey Hepburn’s iconic tea length wedding dress is her favorite, and she’s still waiting for someone to get her J.Lo’s wedding planner emergency kit. Taylor is our snack queen + we can always count on her to have a problem solving snack in her Mary Poppins bag – Rain on your wedding day? Taylor has already come up with and executed the perfect and most logical rain plan all while making sure you’re snacked up.

She’s a sucker for Sour Patch Kids and her favorite moment on a wedding day is fluffing the dress before her client walks down the aisle. When she’s not wedding planning, you can find Taylor enjoying live music or hanging out with her husband, Will, and her daughter, Ellie. 🤍

We feel so lucky to have Taylor and she is the perfect addition to this team!

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A Kansas City, MO native, (still actively convincing her to stay in NWA forever and ever…) Katie found herself studying at the University of Arkansas when she quite literally stumbled upon the Amanda Reed Weddings team, and the rest is history…and by history we mean that Katie jumped from intern to Event Assistant to Senior Executive Planner + Designer in what felt like minutes! Katie fit into this role and industry so incredibly well and we are so grateful she found it with ARW!

When Katie isn’t wearing multiple hats on the ARW team (did we mention she’s the ARW Social Media Manager, too? don’t worry though, she’s not writing this 😉) she loves playing with her golden retriever, Camper, working out at nooma, and cheering on the Chiefs (specifically Travis Kelce 🤤). Katie also has a passion for dance and teaches a few classes a week at a local studio as her other creative outlet!

Katie is looking forward to another season with the best team, most thoughtful vendors, and sweetest clients surrounding her. 🫶

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Or “Jader-tater” as we often refer to her as around the office! She’s been working with the ARW team as an Associate Planner for a quite awhile now and has absolutely killed every second of it! She says that this team has made her fall more in love with everything planning + design and also unfortunately, Dr. Pepper (IYKYK).

When she’s not daydreaming of weddings, you can find her with a cup of coffee or a fishing pole in hand. As the certified office country girl, she’s great at keeping everyone up to date about the upcoming country music concerts, farm trends, and southern sayings (fun game: count how many times Jade says “y’all” during a planning meeting 😉)!

She loves and dedicates herself to this team and her clients so well! We love you Jader + can’t wait to continue to watch you grow through this next season! 🫶

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Madi is currently a senior at the University of Arkansas studying Interior Architecture with a minor in Sustainability and Event Management. Madi is our incredibly patient and eager Office Manager and she oversees a little bit of everything around the office – Anything from designing inspiration boards and placing rental orders, to organizing the chaos that naturally follows this team around, from reading our minds and being ready to jump in head first no matter what, to calling all of us on our own BS… We often need and appreciate the humility. 😉🫶

Following graduation Madi plans to launch her career by joining the ARW team as a full time Senior Event Planner + Designer. We cannot wait to have her sassy and hardworking character around for the long haul!